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Animal Totems Bull

The bull has been part of our culture for as long as civilisation has existed.  They are used as a food source as well as participants in certain despicable blood sports and folk festivals.  Cave paintings have been found showing bull figures and ancient theological epics like the epic of Gilgamesh show the bull in a divine light.  Nowadays the bull is still part of the heavens as part of the zodiac. 

The bull teaches lessons of a primal nature.  One of its first lessons is possibly the harshest to learn.  Bull teaches us about sacrifice and its ability to nourish other people through sacrifice.  One of the highest ideals is to give your life for another selflessly.  Although the bull won’t teach you to go that far, it can be a rewarding experience to sacrifice something for another person whether it be sacrificing time to help out with a charity or sacrificing money to a homeless person on the street. 

In mythology the bull symbolises the sun or divine male and the bull totem also teaches us this lesson.  One of the big problems in today’s society is that males seem to have no idea of how they are supposed to act.  Bull teaches us to just be male, to accept our strength and our maleness but also to accept the limitations that being male put on you.  Once you have learnt how to be male without accepting traditional male roles you will find you have a lot more freedom.

Strength is a big word for the bull and he will teach us how to harness this strength for the best outcome.  This is not outer strength, although a person with a bull totem will often find themselves in positions of outer strength, but more inner strength.  This inner strength will teach you how to be assertive without being stubborn, compelling without being bullying and passionate without being angry. 

There is something sensuous about the bull totem.  He will teach us about our sexual side, both the outer acceptable side and the darker inner fantasy side. The bull is a symbol of a surging tidal energy force and sometimes during the spring people with the bull totem will feel this force, like sunlight inside them. Learning how to cope and enjoy our sexual side is a lesson that can be hard to learn but ultimately rewarding. 

If we are not careful when we learn about the bull we can become stubborn to the point of being obstinate and we can misunderstand our strength both inner and outer.  This is usual for young bulls so taking the time to listen, understand and enjoy these lessons that you learn is important less you become more like a stubborn old bull which no one likes.