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Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

First I would just like to say thank you, Ted, for bringing us wonderful books before your death. May he rest in peace. And this very book has helped me a lot through the years. In my opinion, Animal Speak is a wonderful book for those exploring mysteries and the energy of the animal world. The book is mostly based on the belief system from Native Americans. However, Ted has put included a diverse view from different cultures. When you read this book, you will find that there are different chapters for specific types of animals. This gives it the feel of an encyclopedia, which made things very useful. With the different categories, you can find any type of known animal in the book. For instance, I want to look for information on a leopard gecko. All you do is find the reptile chapter and find the Lizard section. Ted also takes it a step further. If you can not find a specific animal (maybe it is a very rare creature) the book will describe a certain species in a vague way. Lets go back to Lizards, there are many different Lizard species and some are not included in this book. But when you go to the specific chapter, the book will take common attributes found in each species and explain what that means in spirituality. There are three main categories in the book: Birds, Mammals, and Non Mammals (Reptiles, Amphibians, and Insects). When you read this book you will always find something interesting. Is a crow considered a song bird? Do lizards make any noise? Why do siamese cats have crossed eyes and bent tails? What can I really learn from a spider? Are owls really so wise? Is a dog truly mans best friend? Animal Speak answers these questions and many more.  It is full of little secrets animals keep to themselves. With the information given about the many animals, you can find an animal totem, an answer to mysteries you see your pet doing, and explain why you feel a specific way with that specific animal. It includes the myths, facts, and opinions on these animals, but there is one more thing. Ted has included many techniques for connecting with animals, healing with animals, and living as friends, not as pet and owner. And in the end, you could even get rid of a few phobias you have towards some animals or insects.