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Analyzing the Michelle Bombshell Mcgee Nazi Picture Scandal

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee photos depicting her wearing a  Nazi armband and holding what appears to be a ceremonial SS dagger have made their way to the web. For the woman that is trying to paint herself as an innocent victim for her role in the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James split, she is losing ground in a hurry.  The latest photos of her that have surfaced paint a very different picture of Bombshell McGee than just 12 hours ago.

TMZ obtained copies of the photos first from a currently undisclosed source, but they have since been confirmed as authentic and analysis of other Bombshell McGee photos back up some of their findings. While some of the photos have to be taken on the description alone due to their not being suitable for many sites without a disclaimer, based on what has been made public they seem to fit the trend.

The first Bombshell McGee photo to make waves depicted her wearing a Nazi armband (swastika) while holding a dagger which she was licking. Another had her still in the armband but this time holding a gun. McGee has stated these are photos that were taken almost a year ago – which is the same time she allegedly met and began her affair with Jesse James. McGee contends it was not her idea to pose with those props, but rather that of her photographer.

What has further been learned about McGee, her tattoos, and her photos does not seem to paint this as something out of her area of comfort. Most models would not allow themselves to be photographed with such props – in many regards it can be seen as career suicide. According to documents filed by her ex-husband in January of 2010, Bombshell McGee has a tattoo of a swastika on her belly. While no photos can be located at this time confirming that, it is not at all uncommon for models with tattoos to use a makeup tattoo concealer to hide a piece of work that they do not want on display. Even Kat Von D.. has done that at least once.

Furthermore she has a “W” tattooed on one ankle and a “P” on the other that allegedly stands for “White Power” – a marking system that is still used by members of some white supremacy organizations, most notably in jails. TMZ and the author have confirmed this by examining other photos of Bombshell McGee.

To add more fuel to the fire, child custody papers filed against Bombshell McGee contend Bombshell McGee regularly “makes the Nazi salute”, and some sources have reported she has even done this in front of her children although that cannot be confirmed and should remain considered as pure speculation at this time.

While this not only bodes poorly for McGee so far as her career and any sympathy anyone may have felt for her being duped by Jesse James into having an affair while his wife Sandra Bullock was away filming the movie “The Blind Side”, it also bodes poorly for James. James had worked hard to repair his image which wasn’t so media friendly when married to now incarcerated adult actress Janine Lindemuller. While it is doubtful James shares Bombshell McGee’s alleged views, there is such a thing as guilt by association, and the jury on that is rarely very sympathetic.

It could all be just as Bombshell McGee states – that she was just using the props she was supplied – but common sense should tell you not to pose with those props, and given the month old allegations by her ex-husband filed in court concerning her related activity, it is getting more and more difficult to believe anything she says.