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American Idolsimon Paula Kararandy Judges

Another season of American Idol Kicked off earlier this year with a new judge Kara, welcome to the soap opera called the Judges. You have the philosopher Randy, the writer Kara, the drama queen and cheerleader Paula, and the man we all love to hate the voice of reason Simon. By the end of this season we will have another American Idol but we may also know the fate of two of the judges. Simon has one more year on his contract and he’s not sure that when it ends if he will continue because of all the things he has on his plate between Britain and the U.S. Paula’s contract ends at the end of this season (start the party) it will a great relief to viewers and the directors (she doesn’t know when to stop talking) when she leaves. I swear this woman thinks she can get an academy award for her performances on the show. Give her credit after the recent disco choreography she makes a better actress than an dance instructor.

Let’s take a closer look at the judges: Randy Jackson, this man is a class act when he responds to a performance he tells them the good and bad if there is both or one or the other. He appeals to the wide range of viewers, he’s a award winning music producer and he genually cares about the contestants. I loved him in Journey!

Kara DioGauardi, the freshman judge and a friend of Paula’s which at times seems strained at times during this season. Kara is an award wining songwriter and producer, she may have been brought on this season as on the job training with the uncertainty of the future of Paula and Simon on the show. Kara has ruffled the feathers of both Paula and Simon at times this year but she has shown she can handle Simon. Her judging style is much like Randy’s – she gives criticisms, but also advice on how the contestants can improve.

Paula Abdul, choreographer and pop star in her day, has an impressive resume as both from Laker girl to helping Janet Jackson to having two no.1 hits. As a judge on American Idol from the beginning even if the contestant is screeching bad she finds something good to say about it. She’s the cheerleader and drama queen of the panel, she’ll cry at the drop of the hat, she’ll dance to almost any tune and always interrupt Simon when he’s talking. I believe they keep her for comedy relief.

Simon Cowell, what can be said about Simon that hasn’t been said or printed. Simon is the voice of reason when the other judges approve of a bad performance it is Simon who delivers the truth good or bad. Simon’s reasoning is that if they can’t take his criticism at this stage they’ll fall apart when they are in the real side of the music business. Simon also has a rich history in the entertainment business bringing some of his hit shows from Britain to the U.S. including American Idol, American Inventor, and the no 1 summer hit America’s Got Talent. If Simon leaves the show, the show will lose its personality and true voice of reason.

Four judges, who out of the four will return or will the show itself be canceled? Stand by for the next twist on the American Idol Judges.