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American Idol

American Idol is one of the nation’s top shows and is loved by a majority of the world as well. We all tune in to see who wins and who falls on their face. I myself love the show and cannot wait to start watching it again. Do I think that it is right to have a holiday created for that person just because they were on American Idol? To tell you the truth, I’m not sure. Right, it may seem vain and ridiculous and most of the time it is but I have learned to view all sides of things just by writing lately. Maybe the places that these individuals come from really are just excited to have someone do something amazing and come from their town. Do I think it should be a national, world-wide holiday that is celebrated like Christmas? No. I believe it should be something that stays within that area. Sure, you did a great job and have successfully made it into something that millions only hope to do. But it’s singing. If a town wants to celebrate a day for their newfound celebrity, let them. They are just proud and it probably puts them on the map more.

The reason why I do not feel it should be some sort of national holiday is because there are people out there that do more. Much more. What about having some sort of a national charity day to honor those who work in shelters and help the homeless? What about your every day working class men and women? They have dreams and ambitions just as much as American Idol winners do. But there’s no blue collar day. All in all, I do not think it should be anything national but kept as a hometown thing.

We really should save the national kind of holidays and days for those who have made a worldly impact. I’m not saying that American Idol contestants haven’t done so because their music is heard all over but I mean for someone or something that actually changes the world. Someone/something that puts such an impact on the world that it inspires people to and do the same thing. Sure, we would all like to be celebrities and make those big paychecks, I know I sure would right about now but not everyone can have that status. Other people who do not have that talent or ability use the skills of helping people or finding ways to better the work force, etc.

All in all, I feel that the holiday/event days are okay for the town itself but nothing national. It just wouldn’t be fair to others who cannot be an American Idol. But I will give the contestants credit for one thing and that is that they really do inspire people. Maybe these people cannot become a star like them but these artists do inspire us in other ways and that would be that we are inspired to go for whatever it is we are wanting, no matter what it is. If these people can take a chance, then why can’t we?