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American Idol Season seven David Archuleta David Cook Michael Johns Jason Castro Chikezie

The seventh season of American Idol had some of the best contestants in the history of the show. Runner-up David Archuleta alone can support that theory. But as the top 10 were announced, it came down to 5 girls and 5 guys, all amazing talents. But as amazing as the girls were, the guys really had it that season.

First and foremost, is winner David Cook. Once a bartender, now the winner of American Idol. And the funny thing is that he didn’t even plan on auditioning. He was just there in support of his brother, and he ended up winning the whole thing. Cook had many big moments on the show, like “Billie Jean” and “Always Be My Baby”, to name a few. Though it came down to Cook against Archuleta in the finale, vocally, David Archuleta should’ve won, but all in all, between progress, personality, and vocally, David Cook did deserve the title.

Second, but probably the best that season, is David Archuleta. Once a normal teenager goign to high school, now a famous pop singer, all becasue he made runner up on American Idol. Right from his audition Archuleta had fans. Young, old, girls, guys, everyone loved him, his amazing voice just one of the reasons. David’s personality, a shy and giggly 17 year old, made him even more endearing, especially to teen girls and grandmas wanting to pinch his cheeks. The adorable, little David deifnitely had an advantage over the rest of the contestants, and he didn’t even know it. Though he deserved to win, he has still beomce a winner in his fans’ eyes.

Next in the Idol guys is the laid back, yet very talented Jason Castro. His strongest point on the show was when he sang “Hallelujah”, and drew in tons of people. And with his funny, relaxed attitude, and interesting hair style, Jason quickly became a fan favorite, and is continuing to make his way into the music world.

Coming in at a surprising #8 on the season, is glossy Aussie Michael Johns. Known for his hot Australian accent and rough voice, Michael, along with everyone else watching, was surprised when Ryan announced that he would be going home the night after Idol Gives Back. Though he wasn’t a front runner, he did have a great voice and a big following, and still does today.

Last but not least, is Chikezie. Eliminated at the tenth spot, Chikezie wasn’t on the show all that long, but during the time he was there he proved that he deserved to at least get that far, considering he had audition for past seasons previously. It wasn’t a long ride for him, but it was an enjoyable one, as it was for everyone else watching.

So in sum, all of the guys on season seven were amazing in their own way, but the best were the Top 5, and they proved it every week.