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American Idol Elimination Vote Results for April 28 2010

Only 6 remained for the elimination vote on American Idol season 9, April 28, 2010. The final 6 gave their best performances of songs written by best-selling artist, Shania Twain. Twain also mentored the group prior to their performances but even professional mentoring couldn’t help some of these American Idol contestants. The last of this group is getting picked off one by one with each and every piece of their performances being scrutinized.

Ryan Seacrest started with breaking the six down into groups. The three at the bottom were Siobhan, Michael and surprisingly Casey. After a stunning performance of “Gypsy”given by Shakira and Rascal Flatts, Ryan Seascrest announced that Michael Lynche was safe – leaving Casey and Siobhan in the bottom two. The latest American Idol wannabe to be eliminated was Siobhan Magnus. Casey James will continue on with the other four to next week.

For the last few weeks, Crystal Bowersox has been at the top while young Aaron Kelly usually finds himself in the bottom three. But last night, the tables turned. Crystal Bowersox probably gave one of her worst performances ever while Aaron Kelly surprised everyone including the judges. The only reasoning that Crystal may have not found herself in the bottom 3 this week could be because she has consistently given amazing performances week after week.

Siobhan Magnus has tremendous talent and an astounding voice but she just doesn’t know how to use it to impress. Just because someone can reach amazing high notes, doesn’t mean they should. Simon compared her screeching to “someone giving birth”. On the other end of the spectrum, Casey James’ rendition of “Don’t” was unforgettable. He not only has a voice that can sale records but he also has the looks.

If you missed this episode of American Idol – you missed an amazing show. Guest performances included Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, and the stunning Shakira! And to mix it up a bit, Rascal Flatts gave a unique performance with Shakira. Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz also made guest appearances to promote the “Shrek Forever After” movie which will be released in 3D in May 2010. Carrie Underwood also came on the show to introduce the performance given by Sons of Sylvia. It was a great night of stars and performances.

There are only 5 in the running for American Idol 2010.  Next week, the finalist will be choosing music from Frank Sinatra – a big change for some of them.