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American Idol Crystal Bowersox

From a farm in Ohio to Hollywood, California, Crystal Bowersox sure is a long way from home. The singer/songwriter with a soulful voice, compared to that of Janis Joplin, sure is making a name for herself across America. Not the typical American Idol as seen on past seasons, she sure is “shaking” things up in season nine; tattoos and dreadlocks don’t necessarily shout “Idol” to most.

Crystal is paving the way for similar artists across the Nation, which are most likely to be found performing in Cafes or Bars. Her raspy-like tone and her appearance make her a wild card. She is no Kelly Clarkson that is for certain. Kelly Clarkson may have blown audiences and judges away with her big pipes, but Crystal is blowing us all away for different reasons.

The twenty-four year old shy introvert has anything but a small stage presence. Crystal’s love for performing and music is expressed thoroughly during her performances. While she may be new to the Hollywood scene, she is no city virgin. She has made a name for herself in cities like Chicago; performing covers of her favorite artists (i.e. Joplin, Franklin, Chapman) and even original pieces at local “hot spots”.

Despite her musical inspirations, Crystal’s main inspiration comes from her child. She has stated on the show that she intends on using her fame and success from the show to, “make a better life for her son”. American’s of all ages can relate to her in some way or another; she has an alternative look, she is a young Mother, she has health-related issues (diabetes), and she is from a small town. The aforementioned qualities make her an ideal American Idol for many.

Although the show is mostly comprised of singing and sometimes playing an instrument, it is equally important that contestants be relatable and personable. I think we all can agree that in past seasons, Americans haven’t always chosen the most talented of contestants to be their Idol. Fortunately, Crystal mesmerizes us each and every night on stage, and is also a person that we can all relate to. She has the “total package” to become the American Idol of season nine. Simon Cowell confirmed that by saying, “Right now, you are the one that everyone has to beat”.

Americans tuning in for the show, whether Tuesday or Wednesday evening, are sure to agree that Crystal Bowersox is a plausible winner for season nine. We may not all agree on her appearance, but one thing that we can all agree on: this twenty-four year old sure can sing.