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American Idol Auditions Ellen Degeneres

It is difficult to express an opinion on the individual contestants going to Hollywood this year. Each season, American Idol shows us less and less of the singers they let through to the next round.

Last night, American Idol announced that 181 contestants received a golden ticket. I can only remember seeing maybe a dozen of them. After last night’s auditions, I wonder if American Idol has now become Down on Your Luck Idol. When did this show become a showcase for desperate, poor, sick, last-chance people who need a break? Is this the new format?

Out of the contestants receiving the golden tickets to Hollywood last night, I only liked Genesis and Didi. The other girls screamed, screeched, and yodeled their way to Hollywood. What are the judges hearing that I am not? I was never a fan of the gurgling noise many female singers make while they sing, which seems to be popular on American Idol.

A couple of the guys were okay, one sounded too much like Danny Gokey from last year, which is good, because although Danny did not win, he was never in the bottom three.

I am glad American Idol auditions ended last night. The new format this year is the worst I have seen since I began watching in Season 2. I believe they are gearing us up for Simon’s new show, the X factor. The judges are talking about the contestants’ clothing, their looks, and their personalities. They are discussing everything except the singing, which is what American Idol is supposed to be.

The producers of American Idol truly need to rethink their choice of guest judges. The Anvil with the horns on her hoodie has to go. Please do not bring her back again. Randy appears to be the only judge whose style of critiquing has been consistent throughout the run of the show. If Simon says, “You’re cute, I like you”, one more time, I may become physically ill.

They showed us a tiny clip of what is to come during the Hollywood auditions, and I must say that I am surprised that it appears Ellen DeGeneres may actually be judging instead of merely adding comic relief. Is this something they should allow?

Say what you want about Paula Abdul, but at least she is a singer, a dancer, and a choreographer. She knows the business even if she was incoherent more often than not. Ellen is no more equipped to judge someone’s performance than I am. I question why the producers chose Ellen.

Does it have more to do with the rumors going around after last year’s shocking finale? Adam Lambert, arguably the most talented contestant American Idol has ever had, lost the title, according to some, because voters learned that he was gay. Still others claim that American Idol may have leaked Adam’s sexual preference because they did not want a glam rocker to be America’s favorite singer.

Did the blowback from that story prompt the producers to pick a gay judge this year? We will probably never know the answer to that question.

Although given the ridiculous accusations of racism thrown at the show’s producers in the year of the Fantasia nightmare, it is not that far of a stretch to say that American Idol does not want to appear anti-gay now.

My theory is that viewers did not see the true Adam Lambert perform. What we saw was American Idol’s watered down version. They feared that if Adam Lambert won, they would suffer the consequences when people complained about Adam’s antics, as they did with his American Music Awards performance.

Whatever the reasons are behind the selection of Ellen DeGeneres to replace Paula, I think it is a mistake. I like Ellen as a comedian and as a person in general, but I find that she is no more qualified for the job than we, the viewers, are.

I can only hope that the Hollywood auditions will be more interesting and entertaining than they have been thus far. My message to American Idol judges is to judge on their singing ability, not their personality or lack of, and not the style of dress they choose.

What I also found interesting this season, is that there are no rockers going through to Hollywood. Maybe they did choose a few, but the viewing audience did not see them. We will have to wait until next week to find out.

In conclusion, I would also like to suggest that the judges do not pick people who sound like they sucked air out of helium balloons, just because they think they are cute and interesting. This is American Idol, not the Gong Show.