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Afraid of the Concept of Eternity

Are you somehow afraid of the concept of eternity?  How not to be afraid when talking about eternity? First, for you to not be afraid of the concept of eternity, you need to be realistic while looking at the true source of your fear or anxiety.

Though you have heard of people with NDE their narration or story of having experienced heaven or hell is sometimes unbelievable. Many are scared of eternity because of the fact that the concept of eternity is quite mysterious and a bit hazy or not clear for everyone. Some people do not believe in the concept of eternity and believe that after death that is the end of all, there is no more second life.

It is quite hard to accept the fact that someone can be alive again; science cannot find an exact explanation to how a person can turn to life again but religion has an explanation for that through the form or concept of salvation.

Uncertainty can really cause fear and anxiety. If you always think of the concept of Hell in the afterlife you will surely be afraid, especially if you know how a place like Hell is depicted. However, when you think of the concept of Heaven, no one would surely get afraid and in fact, many could even be excited to die if they expect that life in heaven is a hundred times better than life here on earth.

Now let us look at the concept of Heaven. In heaven, people will be united and have fellowship with the Lord. People believe there will be no more sadness and pain in heaven and everything you need is there. Heaven is described as a Paradise, a place of complete bliss and delight. If people think about it, they will not get afraid of dying.

Now, what is the concept of Hell? In hell, people believe that it is a place of everlasting torment.  The souls will be burned in the lake of fire. Now that is very scary reality for anyone.

With this, the Christian religion teaches about Christ and that those who believe in Him can escape the fires of hell. That is good news and a big relief, if people are really scared about death and eternity.

People can be afraid of the concept of eternity if they are not sure of their salvation. People who never have time to care about spiritual life, or contemplate the reality of death could find themselves cramming; thinking about their eternal destiny over the last minute of their lives.

It is quite hard to figure out, where people really go to after they die. The Bible mentions the term “soul sleep” where souls are in a state of deep sleep til the time of Judgment. While others believe that souls go directly either to heaven or hell, another group of people believed that all souls go straight to heaven only with God.

The simplest way for people not to be afraid of the concept of eternity is through living a righteous life, having a clear conscience, serving God every day and staying away from sin. These can give a person a peace of mind and at the same time an assurance of salvation. Most people who do this can have a peaceful death especially if they know they had spent their lives wisely while they are here on earth. People who are not sure of their salvation are most of the time, the ones that are afraid of the concept of eternity. Our beliefs determine our own concept of eternity.