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Affecting the Outcome of our Bad Circumstances

They triumphed over him ….by the word of their testimony Rev 12:11

This weekend I got heavily involved in reading a book titled “Unlikely Angel “ by Angela Smith. This was her story written about being taken hostage by Brian Nichols, a man who had just killed three people in a courtroom in Atlanta Georgia.

What I found interesting in her story was how she was able to build a bridge to this man’s thoughts through telling him the story of her life. She gave him her testimony of where her bad choices in life had led her and the consequences she had to pay because of life selections. She was able to convince him to give up peacefully by showing him through her life what happens when bad choices are made. At the same time she showed him that there was still hope no matter what crime he had committed.

She was terrified throughout the ordeal and constantly prayed to God as to what she should reveal to this man about her life and how to reach him. When he entered her apartment, he entered with three guns and thinking he had no reason to live. When he left, he left with hope even though he knew he was facing life in prison. He noted that she had been reading the “Purpose Driven Life” and asked her what she thought his purpose in life was, she told him that she thought he would make a great prison minister! She let him know there was forgiveness in the Lord and that God still had a plan and purpose for his life.

She laid her life story out in front of him with all her mistakes and she had made plenty! She shared with him the consequences of her bad decisions. She revealed how she was freed by knowing the Lord. Through coming to know the Lord she realized that she was destroying herself and was in the process of turning her life around. She had made a conscious effort to rise above her circumstances.

This was not a book that was released by some religious organization and yet the power of  testimony was evident throughout the book. She was kind of like the blind man in the Bible who stated that all he knew was he was blind and now he could see. She was able to convey her experience of being in the depths of hell and being turned around and finding a new life in God. How powerful is that! How can anyone argue with what has happened to you. Your testimony  is your own unique experience and yet it may touch another in similar circumstances.

When we give our testimony, which is just our life story, with the Holy Spirit guiding us, it is powerful. We are able stand in the gap between that person and God. God states in Jeremiah 1:9 that He has put His words in our mouths and that we have nothing to fear when we talk about what He has done in our lives.

We are freed by our testimony and it has the power to free others when we give share it with them. I would like to do a little trampling on the devil with my testimony!

Abba, thank You that You waited until I was ready and then You turned my life around. Let me be willing to tell others of the marvelous things that You have done in my life. Let me be willing to share my experiences with the help of the Holy Spirit with others. Let my words be the ones that You have placed in my mouth. Thank You for my precious Savior. In His name I pray.