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Admirable Traits and Personality of a Muslim

If someone can sharpen their feeling of servitude and humbleness before God well in their hearts, the effects would be as follows:

Firstly: If the humbleness and servitude in that Muslim is strong enough, then it would destroy all mazmumah traits like showing off (riyak), self-admiration (ujub), seeking recognition (sum’ah), arrogance, anger, vindictiveness and so on so forth. On the other hand, if the feeling of servitude does not exist, in its place will form the feeling of being a master. If someone feels that they are the master, this would lead to arrogance, riyak, sum’ah, anger, need for praise, ego, vindictiveness, greed and so on so forth.

If this feeling is allowed grow even further, then the person will start to feel godliness, the feeling of which only belongs to Allah SWT. This immediately leads to syirk . Wal’iyazubillah. And if this person is in power, then they will be a cruel and wicked leader.So, as we are servants, we need to hone and sharpen this feeling of servitude so all negative mazmumah traits will disappear. This is what is commanded by Allah Taala to His servants. When the feeling of servitude erases the mazmumah traits mentioned above, then automatically mahmudah traits will arise in the person, including humility, humbleness, shyness, tolerance, open to compromise, love, thoughtfulness for others, kindness, tawakal, patience, feelings of inadequacy, hopefulness, forgiveness for others, wanting forgiveness from others, guilt and so on so forth.

Secondly: When someone brings in the awareness of God deep into their hearts until it becomes part of them, then in anything they do or anything that happens to them, they feel that they are being watched by Allah Taala. They are constantly humble and shy. Their fear of Allah will never leave them be, for they truly feel that they are under Allah’s power. Their fate is truly determined by Allah Taala.So what happens is that that person would be afraid to commit any sin. They are shy before God. They become honest and sincere people who enjoy doing good deeds. They will become people who are polite and disciplined, and who always keep their promises. Whenever they commit a sin, their souls are tormented. They are constantly in the state of muraqabah, their souls are constantly connected to Allah Taala.

So no matter where they are, what they are doing, or what conditions they are in, they would never forget Allah. Naturally, they would not be tempted or distracted by the sinful acts and misdeeds of others. They would be able to control themselves. In other words, being aware of God acts as a shields from sins and treachery. This means that it is the key to all goodness. In that case, we should hone the awareness of God and encourage it in our hearts, for then we would become good people.

REMINDER:As a reminder, all prayers and ibadah performed by someone, if they are not appreciated or understood in the heart, then this feeling of humbleness and servitude would not arise, nor would the awareness of God. So, ibadah on their own does not resulting people who are humble and loving, but instead because of their many prayers and ibadah they would become arrogant and riyak, sum’ah and desiring praise from others. They feel that they are already pure, and hence do not fear God. So the prayers and ibadah which should have brought them closer to becoming true servants of God, they become even more distant from God. People who are guilty of this type of sin will die without asking for forgiveness, because they do not feel that they have committed any sin. In the end they will die in the condition of su’ul khatimah because they feel that they have only done good things, instead of the sins that they have really committed. They will discover that they have sinned in their attempts to be good. On the surface they appear to be devout servants of God, but they are sinners in the soul. They pray and perform ibadah not to destroy the mazmumah, so with their prayers they in fact encourage the mazmumah.

O Lord! Give us guidance! Make visible what is hidden and what is not! Make visible the hidden things in our good deeds and our bad deeds, so we will be saved from the sins that are difficult to understand. Amin,
The lady who is special is the one whose displays her beauty only for her husband.