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Adding Prayer to your Daily Life

Prayer is something that everyone can benefit from each day. When you pray you are talking to God and usually expressing your most intense concerns and heartfelt emotions. Prayer, however, does not come easy to all people so here are a few tips about the how, why, what, and where of praying.

First of all the whys- why should we pray at all? We pray because it brings us closer to God and Jesus instructed us to do so. The Bible gives many examples of why folks prayed and yes, it usually was for selfish reasons. People generally think of praying when they need help or want something. Those are legitimate reasons, but hopefully you also pray to thank God for what you already have. Prayer is also to intercede on other’s behalf when they need something or could use God’s help. We pray to celebrate God’s goodness and great gifts. We pray for many reasons.

How to pray is simple. You either pray organized, already designed prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer or you pray in your very own way. I believe God hears us and understands us even when we are unsure what we need to say. Pray like you are talking to someone except with more calmness and quietness. Your prayer should show respect and awe for an amazing God. We need to pray with humble humility and we will be answered.

Where to pray is often a question, but I say anywhere is okay. Prayer is not just for church. Any place where you can humble your heart and concentrate on praying seems just right. Many people pray at bedtime and by or in their bed. You can just as easily pray while driving without closing your eyes or bowing your head. You can pray at school, though you are forced to do it silently, at work, or out in the middle of the woods. It does not matter where.

What to pray for is never ending. At bedtime I pray for all my family and friends and myself as well. I pray that they be kept safe and well. I pray for everyone’s salvation and forgiveness. I pray that people’s needs are met and that God gives them guidance. I often pray for the military, the government, and the schools. I pray for parents to do a great job with god’s help. Before I or other’s go on a trip, we always pray for bodily safety and safe return. We pray for people’s needs especially health ones. We pray for God to guide the surgeon’s hands and for his healing touch to be placed upon the ill. We pray Grace before meals and thank god for each thing he has done for us as the day unfolds. We pray for help in time of trouble and for special requests to be met. But first we thank him for what he has already given us in a great mate or healthy children or a wonderful job or a home. We know that many folks do not have shelter, clothing or enough to eat so we pray for them as well. We even pray for our pets.

Frivolous prayer seems wrong to me though I’m sure God gets many of those every day. Remember God hears every prayer. He answers every prayer also, but he does not always answer prayers the way everyone hopes. It also seems that people who never pray and suddenly pray for just what they want selfishly may not get heard as easily as those who remember to thank the Lord for what he has given them and remember others in their prayers. But that is just my interpretation.

I pray as things come up during the day. If, I hear about someone who just had an accident, I immediately add them to my prayer list often praying right then and there. I tell people who share with me problems or hopes and dreams that I will pray for them and I do. I continue as long as possible to ensure that prayer is heard and answered. I believe strongly in the power of prayer and have seen miracles myself which convince me of its strength. You too can be helped, blessed, relieved, and uplifted by praying.