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Addiction today has become an inevitable part of life just like pollution. Addiction today does not mean only addiction to drugs, alcohol, or smoking. Modern life is addicted with so many things like internet addiction, gambling addiction, food addiction, etc.

Anything that starts as a craze, becomes an obsession and then over a period time becomes an addiction. Though our modern life is like walking on a rope, with great care at each and every step, we can live a life free of addictions.

Why Addiction has Become Inevitable in Life?

It is human nature to become addicted to something as it is said that flesh is weak. Nature has created us all with the ability to become hooked to something easily – and so we all engage in addictive behaviors to some degree.

Here I do not intend to say that we are ‘hooked’ to heroin, morphine, amphetamines, tranquilizers, or cocaine, but we are easily ‘hooked’ to nicotine, caffeine, sugar, steroids, work, gambling, exercise, shopping and even love and sex and become addicted to them. That is why I say that modern fast life has become a life of easy addiction.

Nine Tips to Live a Life Free of Addictions

1) Realize that addiction is not good for life

Addiction is a secret dependency. Slowly it overcomes us. We should realize the seriousness and try to nip that habit in the bud itself.

2) The ‘Four A’s technique’ helps to escape from addictions

Researches have proved that the ‘Four A’s technique’ has helped many in escaping from addictions. They are Assessing the current situation, Adjusting what needs to be done, Admiring oneself for being strong enough to start again and Acting quickly to implement a new course of action free from addiction.

3) Train the brain

We should first become aware of addiction. Psychologists and scientists say that with proper mental training, self-awareness and lots of practice we can be free from addiction. It becomes possible for even those who have already become victims. They assure that our brain can be trained properly to be free of addictions.

4) Check the cravings

As human we all have cravings for something other. Scientists have discovered that, on average, cravings attack four or seven times a day and last only seconds. So what we really need are strategies to check the cravings during those few seconds.

5) Be positive in your treatments

With a strong will to avoid the situation that may lead you to addiction is essential. At the same time you should be positive in your persistent endeavors to avoid addiction. Negative attitude may bring spiraling effect of falling back. In a negative situation you may lose the energy of your commitment and slide back into bad old behaviors.

6) Supporting groups to overcome addiction

This helping tendency of supporting others to overcome their addiction may help ourselves realize the seriousness of addiction and avoid addiction. Ask the help of supporting groups I freeing yourself from addiction.

7) Diverting attention

Engaging oneself in some hobby or activity will help one to e free from addiction. Addiction succeeds only when the mind is seriously occupied in the craving.

8) Just ignore cravings

Just as Buddhism says, Thoughts and feelings rise and then pass away automatically without waiting for you to push them away. They simply arrive, and at some point they disappear. If we ignore the cravings they will disappear by themselves.

9) Pray for protection from addiction

Prayer has power. When we have the spiritual connection with God and lead a life of prayer, we can be protected from addictions and be free. That enables us understand the purpose of our existence and the way we should live on this earth not abusing our body and mind with addictions.

Here is the key for an addiction-free life

Humanity is waging war against addictions, with no end in sight, despite every kind of addiction treatment from psycho-surgery, psychoanalysis, psychedelics, and self-help to alternative treatments such as family therapy, hypnosis, meditation, education and tough love. Observing awareness in the circumstances of addiction is the key of addiction-free life.

I have seen many people following the above techniques and not letting a change in their routine help them lead a life free of any addiction. You may also try and try again until you achieve an addiction free life.