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Accepting Life has Pot Holes and Mending them along the way

You may have heard of statements such as, ‘surviving through life’ or ‘living a day at a time’. These statements reflect the general acceptance of the potholes or challenges in life, and living through them positively. With the right attitude, you can handle just about anything life offers, without being dragged down by its weight.

To begin with, relationships tend to take a considerably large part of your life. They play an important role in your happiness, as well as your decisions, and even determine how you handle your personal or private matters. The quality of your relationships determines the quality of the lifestyle you lead. A positive approach to relationship-building benefits from the acceptance that life has potholes, and there are positive ways of mending them.

As much as relationships are critical in the quality of life you live, they are inherently tainted by potholes of disappointments, disapprovals, discouragements, just to mention a few. These potholes can make life too challenging or too difficult to live, and requires a willing and open mind while dealing with them. In some cases, counseling or therapy is advised to deal with the cases that lead to depression, among other mental challenges.

The first step in mending these potholes is to adopt a heart of acceptance that people are different, and are bound to disappoint you, either knowingly or unknowingly. Approaching relationships with an open heart allows you to visualize and prepare mentally for the burden associated with them, including the fact that people easily and quickly change their minds, and fail to fulfill their promises.

Your tolerance levels will also increase as you move on with life. The ability to tolerate different opinions, different approaches to decision-making and lifestyles are a plus in mending the potholes in life. Tolerance of diversity has great benefits in relationships, and allows you to understand why people do what they do, hence help in eliminating unwanted potholes of life.

Another benefit of accepting that life has potholes and mending them along the way includes the ability to forgive past sins of your friends and relatives. Forgiveness is a critical part of the healing process that helps in addressing the wrongs committed in your past, and paves the way for you to pursue your future, without the burdens associated with unforgiveness. The art of forgiveness can be equated to a prisoner who has been released and is enjoying his newly acquired freedom; the prisoner in this case being you.

The capacity to derive lessons from past failures is a sign of a mended pothole in life. Failures generally help in pointing out the right direction that life should take, with the added knowledge and wisdom on the best approach to the future.

In conclusion, accepting that life has potholes and mending them along the way is the best approach to living a quality lifestyle. It allows you to remain focused on your goals and helps build strong and quality relationships along the way.