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A Christian Attitude towards being Offended

A Christian attitude towards being offended. The question is, is that possible? Is it possible to keep a Christian attitude and be offended all at the same time? Well the answer is no. It is impossible to be offended and keep a Christian attitude. Being offended of someone else’s reactions is not a Godly attitude. When we do things that the Lord does not like do you think he just sits up there in heaven being offended by the wrongs that we have done. I don’t think so. I can picture it now the Lord looking down on us and saying stuff like “My child what are you doing.” He is concerned not offended by our actions. That is the way we should be as individuals. If someone does wrong against us we should not get offended, really what should be happening is that we pray for them and love them. A lot of times when someone offends another person it is not done intentionally. Perhaps that person did not understand the impact of what they did or what they said. This person that may have offended you in reality may have thought that they were trying to help. Unfortunately in the process they did more harm than good. I really can relate to this topic because I have been on both sides. I have been offended by someone else’s actions, as well as, offended someone else by my own actions. When it came to the people that have offended me, first I had to realize that it wasn’t healthy for me to hold bad feelings toward them. Holding a grudge is not healthy nor is it Godly. If we want to be forgiven by God for our transgressions we must forgive others for theirs. As for being the one that has offended someone before, I was always trying to help and a lot of times being a help backfired on me big time. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not saying that, that is always the case. There are some people out there in this world that literally strive off of offending people. Those type people you just have to take like a grain of salt and love them anyway. If as individuals would start praying for those that have offended us, one or two things will happen, either the Lord will change them or the Lord will change our attitude regarding the situation. We are unable to change people so why allow their actions to offend us. The Christian attitude would be to pray for them and love them no matter what. If we do something that the Lord does not like, he continues to love us. Well thats the way we should be with the ones that offends us.