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Movie Reviews Dead Calm

Beautiful and atmospheric in my opinion Dead Calm was the best movie of 1989; the team that bought us Mad Max delivered a highly charged three handed tale set on the high seas. While mourning a death, John (Sam Neil) decides to take his wife Rae (Nicole Kidman) on a …

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Sex and the City

When I first moved away from home to university I spent my first week buying new dvds to watch. While rifling through some dvd’s in Virgin Mega-stores I came across the Sex and the City box-set. Shamefully I admit I was a Sex and the City virgin at this point …

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History of Zener Cards

Many people have heard of Zener Cards also known as ESP Cards. They may not know them by name but they are familiar with the symbols on the cards and the basic testing structure. Zener cards are a set of twenty-five cards that contain five circles, five squares, five Greek …

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Most Terrifying Horror Movies

What do you think of when someone mentions the word “horror”? Do you think of monsters such as werewolves and vampires? Perhaps you think of serial killers or a viral outbreak that will destroy the human population. Whatever you consider horror; chances are it’s been explored in film to one …

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Explain Gods Covenant with David

In II Samuel 7:12-17, God makes an unconditional covenant with King David to build him an everlasting dynasty.  According to this covenant, if a ruling descendant of David sins, then God will chastise him, but God will not end the Davidic dynasty, the way that God terminated the dynasty of …

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