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Celebrity Comebacks

Obviously the pick for a 2009 comeback would be Brittney Spears. I mean come on… doesn’t she have a comeback every year? But seriously I don’t think we should count 2008 as the comeback year and wait for her to actually do something that can showcase her talent (if there …

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‘The Following’ starring Kevin Bacon

“The Following”quite recently hit United Kingdom screens, in a dark and half-light tone.  The series stars Kevin Bacon as the stubbly-faced central ‘good guy.’ Bacon plays Ryan, a complicated cardiac impaired FBI agent. The bad guy Joe, played by the chillingly charismatic James Purefoy, is, at first an incarcerated serial killer. From …

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Movie Reviews Trouble with the Curve 2012

2012’s “Trouble With the Curve” sees the legendary actor and director, Clint Eastwood, make his return to the big screen in a truly delightful and heartfelt story. Eastwood plays the main character, Gus, who is an aging and ailing baseball scout for the Atlanta Braves. However, he is at risk …

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Lindsay Lohan has Child Actor Syndrome

I have a lot of trouble trying to figure out why everyone is so fascinated with Lindsay Lohan. It’s not just Lindsay Lohan of course; it is all the free-spirited celebrities that think that they can get away with anything they want because they are rich, famous and beautiful. Lindsay …

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Reality Shows Real or Scripted – Yes

Fueled by contests, ultimate prizes, a cast of unlikely characters and video cameras to catch it all; the drama, rivalries and tension that play out on reality tv shows are truly reflective of the events that take place during the filming process. Like any TV show or movie, reality shows …

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Movie Reviews Kellys Heroes 1970

Kelly’s Heroes (1970) Starring Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Donald Sutherland, Carroll O’Connor, Don Rickles, Harry Dean Stanton, Stuart Margolin, Gavin McLeod. Directed by Brian G.Hutton. Running time: 145 minutes Rating: PG American soldiers in World War Two find out about a Nazi gold stash whilst interrogating a German officer they …

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