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She Likes you

Speaking from a woman’s point of view, finding out if a girl likes you is not always easy.Its not easy because there is that fear of rejection. Especially if you think she likes you and she really doesn’t. But since women don’t always tell how they feel, pay attention to her actions …

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Bringing Neighbors together

In todays society with the growing populations, it is almost impossible to have enough time or opportunity to meet and greet your fellow neighbors. There are however several things you can do as a community which will allow you the opportunity to meet your neighbors, new and old and begin …

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Soulmate Connection

Believing in the existence of soulmates is like believing in God. We don’t know, but there is a definite sense that two people can be connected in a way that goes beyond the here and now.  It is this sense that sets other relationships apart from a soulmate relationship.        Throughout …

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Biography Brittany Murphy

It is with sadness that the world learned that the actress Brittany Murphy has passed away. She may have only lately reached stardom with the movie “8 mile”, but she was well known all over the world. Brittany Murphy was only 32 years old when she died at her home …

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Benefits of Joining a Coven

Today’s witch has many available tools at their disposal.  If any faith can be said to have truly embraced the internet it would be the pagan faiths and witchcraft, as one of those faiths, has many websites devoted to it.  Then there are the many and varied books on the …

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How to Handle Negative People

It can be very difficult to handle negative people. They can often frustrate you and make you feel worthless. They are not the most practical people and the worst to problem solve with. Negative people are negative because they are insecure with themselves and the environment around them. It is …

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