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Mormon Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

Archeology has always been one of my favorite subjects. Take for instance, Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark movie. How many people know the story is based on some truth? Adolph Hitler was occult-obsessed looking for the Ark, he knew the Israelites placed it before them in many …

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Jesus Christian Historical Jesus

We live in a culture that makes it hard for us to properly evaluate Jesus. We cannot see his legacy because it is shrowded in too much mystery. Not the mystery of the supernatural, but the mystery of the pop culture we live in. The celebrity of Jesus makes it …

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The Karate Kid 2010

“By any other name, it’s still a good remake” So the remake of “The Karate Kid” is about kung fu more than karate, so what?  The issue over the title aside, the film by Harald Zwart echoes the 1984 original in many ways, right down to plot points, beats and …

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Defining Christian faith

Being a Christian is to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. The more Christ-like a person is, the more the life of that person reflects the Christian faith. The rules for defining the Christian faith were given by Jesus Christ Himself. Indeed, saints are those who upon contemplating the …

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Paying the Price to Reach your Goals

Zig Ziglar once said, “The elevator to success is out of service. But the stairs are always open.” If I’d gotten that about 18 years ago, I just might be giving old Hillary a run for her money next year. It amazes me how many years’ worth of goal lists …

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Poetry for the Spirit

Poetry has long been a close friend of faith, beautiful words carefully selected to reflect one’s wonder and love for the world abound. Reading these works can bring a new perspective to one’s spirituality, particularly when one takes the time really let the words bloom within their mind by meditating …

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