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TV Show Reviews Clone High

Have you ever secretly wished to hear Marilyn Manson sing about the food pyramid? Do you have an inner passion for evil scientists that wear yellow rubber gloves that looks suspiciously like dish gloves? Have you ever wanted to see a pie fight between teenagers in drag and high-society ladies …

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Top Grossing Actors of 2010

Forbes.com has published its annual ranking of the highest grossing actors for 2010. The chart is calculated based on the global box office takings from the films starring the actors listed. The chart is not an indication of what the actors themselves were paid but rather shows the stars that …

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What is Psalm 119 about

Psalm 119  is the longest chapter in the book of Psalms and the longest chapter in the Bible.  It is packed with wisdom from God. In the first 24 verses there is a clear emphasis on the importance of the written word of God.  In the NIV the terms statute, …

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The Rights and Wrongs of Athesim

Exploring the freedoms offered by Atheism. Atheism: Dictionary definition: “The belief that there is no God, or denial that God or gods exist.” There evidently are different beliefs within the atheistic culture. Atheists may not believe in a God or gods as ordinarily defined. However, any intelligent person would have …

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Hope and Hopelessness

Power of Hope The opposite proves the powers of hope. Hopelessness freezes action and only with action comes hope. Keep hope alive and the human spirit can work for solutions. Hopelessness Humans need to believe in change and reward. Some are willing to admit that the reward may come after …

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God can exist anywhere

The answer to this question differs depending on which religion is used to find the answer. When the word “God” is mentioned, most think immediately of the Christian deity and limit a discussion about God to a discussion defined by Christian parameters. But it must be remembered that each religion …

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