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Understanding Dreams

It is true, but not inevitable, that dreams can be messages from God. Of course those whose lives are lived in harmony with God are able to recognize when a dream originates with God, whereas the non-believer may have no such assurance.  In Bible times, life was much simpler and …

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Trick or Treats Gary Graver 1982

Trick or Treats (1982) Starring Carrie Snodgress, Peter Jason, Jacqueline Giroux, Chris Graver, Jillian Kesner, Steve Railsback, David Carradine, Paul Bartel, Dan Pastorini. Tim Rossovich, John Blyth Barrymore, Debbie Drissi, Butch Sanders, Frances Bolen, Catherine E. Coulson, Annette Dugdale, Jean Clark, Sylvester Stewart, Angela Uva, Lisa Travis, Bill Bridges, Alfredo …

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Rush Hour DVD Review

I can always remember watching Rush Hour and enjoying the film. Somehow it cleverly managed to combine a good action movie with a high altitude of a comedic value. Storyline wise, it is not set to smash any box office records, in fact, a seemingly common and ordinary storyline is …

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The Death of a Catholic

A Catholic believes that a human being is composed of two parts: a body and a soul. At the moment of conception, God creates a zygote, a single-celled organism formed from the union of the mother’s egg and the father’s sperm. Into this new creation, God breathes an immortal soul. In …

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What’s in a name

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, as Shakespeare averred, but those parents determined for their child to flower should plant the seed lovingly and thoughtfully – with a well-chosen name. A name may shadow a person his whole life. How often does one peruse the obituary …

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Never Stop Searching

It is 1919, two years after Mathilde’s fiance Manech (Gaspard Ulliel) left to fight in the trenches at the Somme. He has not returned, but so strong is her belief that he is still alive that Mathilde (Audrey Tautou) sets out to find him. If he were dead, she would …

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