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The Historical Jesus – No

The Jesus of history and the Jesus of faith must be confirmed to be the same person, or  Christianity may be viewed by some as a grand delusion. If the fact that Jesus actually existed becomes doubtful, in the eyes of some people He may fall into the same category …

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Automatic Writing

Many writers find that they write intuitively. Intuition can be a stepping stone to another medium that certain writers have utilized to good effect: automatic writing. Many questions have been raised regarding this writing method. What is it exactly? What purpose does it serve? Has it influenced the creation of …

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Evidence of God not Existing – Yes

Can God and Darwinism coexist? Bit of an odd question, really, given that they do. I suppose this is an example of the weak anthropic principle: They can coexist, because we can clearly see we have both. I suspect what is meant is ‘Is Darwinism compatible with God?’ I’m going …

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Kate Winslets most Famous Film Roles

Kate Winslet has never been an actress who has baulked at the idea at taking on some challenging and indeed interesting roles over her career. While most Hollywood starlets seem to clamber over each other to get roles in the latest Hollywood blockbuster Winslet seems to be one of those …

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Biggest Mistakes Women Make with Men

When women are forming relationships with men, they are quite often dealing with a great amount of emotion. There is excitement, happiness, joy, and love being felt. There may also be some fear, insecurity, and trepidation. The woman may begin a relationship with only good intentions and certainly, not with …

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Jacobs Ladder Parable

Now I cannot stress enough to the reader about how important it is to TRULY understand the vision of Jacob’s Ladder. Please consider the following: Yet we do speak wisdom among those who are mature; a wisdom, however, not of this age nor of the rulers of this age, who …

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