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Reflections on the Honest Reaching toward God

There is an ancient/Celtic story about St. Columba who was famous for “preserving ancient places of worship because they once were centers of honest searches for God-however misguided they might have been,” Donna Fletcher Crow wrote in The Fields of Bannockburn. In the story, Columba is found lying in the …

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Make Prayer a Habit

If one performs a particular activity consistently for 21 days without fail, a habit for the physical expression of that activity is automatically formed. That has been proved time and time again in laboratory testing with animals and it is true for humans, as well. A daily life of prayer …

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Impressing a Girl on a first Date

The make it or break it moment is at the end of a first date. No matter how horrible a date could have gone, the last moments are the ones that can erase the awkward pauses, judgements or mistakes. Impressing a girl starts with appearance. When it is evident that …

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Movie Reviews Moon of the Wolf 1972

Moon of the Wolf (1972) Starring David Janssen, Bradford Dillman, Barbara Rush, Steve Beradino, Geoffrey Lewis, Royal Dano, John Chandler, Claudia McNeil, Paul DeVille, Dan Priest, Robert Phillips, Serena Sande, George Sawaya, Dick Crockett, Sonny Klein, Emory Hollier, Teddt Airhart JR. Directed by Daniel Petrie. Runtime: 75 Minutes. Rating: PG. …

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How Catholicism came and Stayed in China

Catholicism was first introduced to the Chinese people in the late 13th Century by Italian Franciscan priest John of Montecorvino.  He built two churches, began translating the New Testament and Psalms, and converted between 30,000 believers by the beginning of the 14th Century.  For the next 300 years, and through the hard work of …

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Movie Review Murder in Greenwich Mark Fuhrman

In the mid-70s, fifteen year old Martha Moxley was found murdered in her own garden in Greenwich (Connecticut, not London as I first thought), but partly because of a botched investigation, the killer was never found. Twenty-five years later, an ex-cop, Mark Fuhrman, who was accused of perjury in the …

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