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What is Personal Development

To use as few words as possible to begin my opinion, personal development is the on going process of becoming a more valuable contributor to man kind. Personal development is a progression that never stops for those who are seeking to prosper in all areas of life: spiritually, physically and …

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Religion vs Conscience

We are born able to do things that we have not been taught.  We breathe, swallow, sweat, cry, flail about, suckle and sleep.  We also are born with needs; hunger, thirst.  If our needs are unfulfilled we cry out, without being taught.  We react to bright lights, loud noises, hugs, …

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Bible Studies for Kids Temptation

Greedy Gehazi In the book of 2nd Kings as you read in chapter 5 you stumble into a character who had a real problem with temptation. The man’s name was Gehazi. And Gehazi was trapped in the temptation that comes from covetousness. Naaman, the commander of the armed forces of …

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Sung in Heaven by the Redeemed

The most famous Psalm is Psalm 23. Millions of Christians know it by heart. But it is more than something to memorize and recite. It is what assures Christians that God will take care of them. Since David started out as a shepherd, it is natural for him to relate …

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Extreme Christianity can the Bible be taken too Literally

Pair the words “extreme” and “sports” and what comes to mind? Excitement? Danger? Adrenaline rush? What about “extreme” and “makeover”? Put these two words together and you’re probably imagining some radical transformation involving cosmetic surgery, an intense fitness regimen and a total reworking of hair, make-up and wardrobe. But put …

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