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Gay Marriage is Good for Men

A new study has found that gay men who live in a state where same-sex marriage is legal have better overall health and it didn’t seem to matter whether they were married or not. The study entitled Effect of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on Health Care Use and Expenditures in Sexual …

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Kill Bill Volume 2

As you can tell from its title, this is the second movie of the 2 volume Kill Bill films, made by the talented Quentin Tarantino. The first film, Kill Bill Vol. 1 was released in 2003, and followed in 2004 by its conclusion, Kill Bill Vol. 2. In order to …

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Jennifer Runyon

To All a Good Night (1980) Starring Jennifer Runyon, Forrest Swanson, Linda Gentile, William Lauer, Judith Bridges, Katherine Herrington, Buck West, Sam Shamshak, Cathy Hicky, Ann Tucker, Edwin Avedissian, Angela Bath, Denise Stearns, Solomon Trager, Jeff Butts, Bill Martins, Jay Rasumny, Dan Stryker. Directed by David Hess. Running Time: 90 …

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Oscar Party Tips Oscar Food

If you are like some of us and your Oscar love is so great that you wish to share it with your friends and family, or you simply love an excuse to throw a theme party, read on for tips to throwing a great Oscar party. Theme and fancy up …

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How to Succeed in Dating

Bad manners have ruined more potential good dates than people realize. Common sense is the number one rule. First things first, you need to want to be on the date. Don’t just be there for the sake of filling up a scorecard. If you are really interested in learning about …

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