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Ethical Standards for Paranormal Investigations

It seems there are more paranormal investigation groups popping up these days or at least more people taking an interest in the paranormal. Whether you are in an official group or investigating on your own, there are certain ethical standards that all paranormal investigators and ghost hunters should follow. Obtaining …

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Checklist for Starting a Ministry

Starting a religious ministry is always a big step. Whether it is a small venture like starting a rotating mother’s baby-sitting club or a big undertaking involving investments of capital and time, staking personal reputation and taking other risks is a large venture. The most successful religious ministries stem from …

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Carlin Comedian Tribute

Many years ago, before some of the common profanity heard today could be said on T.V. without repercussions from the federal government. A man named George Carlin said words over the air, on a live broadcast that put him in deep (#*$$(!. He had to go to court and defend …

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