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Focus on Faith

Everyone believes in something.  Even those who claim to acknowledge no higher force outside of themselves believe their current level of humanity is the highest order of existence they will achieve.  Faith is a strange thing.  Often those people who declare themselves to be true believers in a higher power …

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Radio the Reemerging Media – Radio

Take a moment and turn on your television. Now, turn on your radio. If you have either the digital converter box or a satellite system, you may have stopped for a moment to make sure that there wasn’t a storm outside before reaching for that remote. Prior to the conversion …

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Dubbing vs Subtitles – Subtitles

If I had the motivation and time I would learn japanese or korean so I could listen to some of my favorite anime and films in their intended, pure form. Neither subtitles or dubbing are perfect, but I would still rather read subtitles than be put through terrible dubbing any …

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Are there Ufos in your Bible

I think that Extraterrestrial Life is responsible for man’s religiosity which I think started with what scientist call a massive change in consciousness that maybe occurred 50, 000 years ago. Religiosity as far I conceptualized after reading the creation mythology of many groups but with a lean toward African groups …

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Using Prayer to Cope with Caregiver Stress

The relentless pressures of caregiving, especially in a round-the-clock, at-home setting drive many people who have never had a spiritual life to seek help from Something Larger than Themselves. For those unaccustomed to prayer or active dialogue with the Universe, the urge to communicate in the privacy of spiritual intercession …

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Ice Road Truckers July 18 2010 Recap

The finish line is just around the corner. Like last season, Jack Jesse continues to put the other drivers to shame. Surprisingly, Lisa is beginning to show that she can run with the big boys and not surprisingly, Hugh is still difficult to swallow. Alex Picking up hitch hikers is …

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