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Nevada Brothel

The Ranch (2004) Starring Carly Pope, Samantha Ferris, Ty Olsson, Brittney Wilson, Ken Tremblett, Chad Faust, Fred Ewanuick, Amy Madigan, Jennifer Aspen, Jessica Collins, Nicki Micheaux, Paige Moss, Bonnie Root, Lucia Walters, Cailin Stadnyk, Dana McLoughlin, Veronika Habal, Paula Shaw, Kelly Wolf. Directed by Susan Seidelman. Running Time: 85 minutes. …

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Money Spells

Money magic is used to attract the money you need, not to be confused with the money you want. Being greedy always backfires. Only ask for what you need. You can also use money magic to receive a job offer or even a promotion. You can use this magic to …

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The Dark Knight Reviews why so serious

“Why So Serious?”  The movie that glorified Heath Ledger’s career with an Oscar after his untimely death was of one of a darker side. The Dark Knight is the second Batman film directed by Christopher Nolan and Gotham City is now ready for Batman’s most troubled and disturbed villain ever, …

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Biggie Smalls Autobiography

Biggie Smalls: A Biography. The late great rapper Biggie Smalls, was shot dead in 1997; he was only twenty four years old. The identity of his killers is unknown, this has had a profound effect on those closest to him. His legacy lives on through his music and continues to …

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Improving Catholic Education

Catholic schools are renowned the world over for instructing children in the fundamentals of Catholic doctrine and doing so from the earliest of ages. The 19th and 20th century missionary work of the Jesuits was largely conducted through education, setting up Catholic schools that would teach a general syllabus in …

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Reflections Marriage from a Christian Viewpoint

God himself created the institution of marriage.  The only viewpoint that matters is God’s view.  This statement is not made to be rude but as the creator of marriage, God had His purpose and plans for the institution of marriage.  It would arrogant and disrespectful to assume, Christian or otherwise, to assist God by …

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