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The Graduate Analysis

In The Graduate, Mike Nichols depicts the social transformation of a “boy” who has to live up to his parents’ ideals by using the complicated yet interesting life of Benjamin Braddock. From early in the movie, we already see that Benjamin’s life is controlled by his parents—as what we would …

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Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds: December the 19th of 2008 has been a monumentally historic day for the silver screen, finally a movie was produced that captured the deeply rooted meaning of life. This film will inspire, and touch every person who sees it. The plot is clever: An IRS agent with a …

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Movie Reviews Stoned

Category: Movies Genre: Other Its about Brian Jones’ death. I love the rolling stones. but I don’t think this biography-film did the band or indeed Brian Jones’ death any justice. Brian Jones was a legendary guy, there was so much to his life, even death and i don’t think this …

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Christmas 2007 Hottest new Foreign Dvds

The world of cinema knows no bounds. Countries such as Korea, England, Australia, and Spain has created movies that may come in subtitles, but somehow project cinema as a viable movie making country that tells interesting stories. In the last few years, world cinema hitting the mainstream and America has …

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Psychic Energy

Psychic energy is the energy that is used in every psychic work. Practitioners of psychism and magick call it by various names: psi, magical energy, prana, etc. Learning to harness this energy is an essential requisite for anyone who ventures the magical realm of psychism and/or magick. What is psychic …

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