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Angels are everywhere – Yes

Angels are not imaginary figures of fictional novels. They exist all around you, even when you do not recognize them. Many people misinterperet the meaning, and disregard it with disgust. The definition of angels, is someone that performs a deed for a god or outstanding being to the benefit of the user …

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Avoiding Date Rape on new Years Eve

Few single women or men would choose to spend New Year’s Eve alone. This is arguably the most celebrated night of the year. An old wives’ tale claims that, “However you spend New Year’s Eve is an indication of how you will spend the new year.” Even people who don’t …

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Married Life – Yes

My husband and I are celebrating our sixteenth Wedding Anniversary this month. The question is marriage really worth it? My answer would have to be yes. As a young girl, I grew up with parents that had a good marriage. The image of my parent’s marriage influenced my dream of …

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How to Recover after a Breakup

The most painful thing you can ever hear from someone you were with for a long time is “I don’t love you the same way anymore.” Although it is natural to be depressed and want to be with your ex again, there will come a time when you will realize …

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