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The Role of the Zen Master

A Zen Master is the Priest, Pope and God of Zen Buddhism. He is a man and a teacher to all those who would learn about Zen Buddhism, but no authority stands above him once he has been raised to his position. He is a scholar, philosopher and ethicist whose …

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Getting over Cheating in a Relationship

Finding out that your partner cheated on you is devastating. Emotions, from anger to guilt, are running high and it’s hard to imagine that you will ever feel good again. Your heart is broken and your trust is betrayed. It isn’t going to be easy, no matter what choices you …

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History and Evolvement of Santeria

This article presents as a newcomer’s primer on Afro-Cuban Orisha Worship and gives a brief history. It would be impossible demystify Santeria without touching upon its geographical and cultural origins. Orisha Worship originates with the Yoruba people of present day Nigeria, in Western Africa. The Yoruba people were one of …

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Childhood Abuse how to Move on

First, if you are a survivor of childhood abuse, please stop blaming yourself. No one can control the actions of another, especially if you’re a child. Next, you will be able to move past this. Just as you could not control the actions of your abuser, no one can control …

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