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How to look on the Bright Side of Life

Fortune Cookie Wisdom….For every sorrow, there are a thousand joys. The natural law of opposites has sorrow on one side of a coin and joy on the other.  We can flip the coin, or choose for ourselves, which side is more important in our lives.  And our free will choice …

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How to Earn Wifes Trust Back after Cheating

For any married couple, despite the incessant debates over monetary expenditures and the additional stress that other elements can cause, one of the most negatively impacting events is that of an affair, when one spouse cheats on the other. In all likelihood, there was an underlying reason for the breach …

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Problems Stepparents Face

The role of a stepparent is not to be envied.  This is a person that is coming in and trying to make themselves a part of an already established family.  They are often stepping in after, or sometimes even during a nasty child custody battle, and as much as they …

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How to be a Supportive Spouse

One of the most common complaints among married couples is that one does not support the other. Unfortunately, the word “support” has several different meanings. Emotional, physical, financial, spiritual and self-esteem are just some of the kinds of support spouses can offer their mates. When someone wants support of a certain …

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Who is Christian

Christian faith is believing in God and the Holy Spirit and that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he died and rose again and overcome all that one may be saved. A Christian life is not easy but the benefits are many and the most special one is …

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The Prophets of Islam

It is stated in the Holy Book of Islam, namely the Quran, that Allah (God) had sent a prophet or messenger to every nation throughout history in order to explain the message of belief and submission in the one true God, and to renounce the worship of created beings or …

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