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12 Simple Ways of Creating a Successful Day

I am among a growing number of people who believe that we can influence the outcome of our lives by intentionally pre-planning each day.
The number one most important thing, in my opinion is to “Intend to feel good.” Before you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning say to your self:,”TODAY I INTEND TO FEEL GOOD!”
But does this really work? We know from physics that thoughts are vibrations, and before there is any creation there is a thought behind it. But we do not live in an instant manifesting dimension. It has been observed that most thoughts that flow into the creative energy stream take about 30 days to come to fruition. So you could wake up after you make a grand statement to the universe that tomorrow you “intend to feel good”, to the house flooding from a broken water pipe, and think this deliberate creation stuff is a rook. “My house is flooding,now I am going to be late for work, have a moldy carpet, need special medicine as I am deathly allergic to mold, spend half my free time finding a plumber and holding on the phone with the insurance adjuster. I think I may not be covered for this, and you know those people never call back and so on.” Next the phone rings and you tell the flooding NEWS story to who ever is on the other line, and they say oh that’s terrible, and what a disaster. Then they remember when their aunts house flooded and start to tell you ten minutes of that, then you are reminded of the flood of New Orleans last year and you both comment about that. On the way to the bathroom you stub your toe and trip on a floating dog dish, and slide into the television and knock it over a lamp. ( Thank god it was unplugged) Your kids are now awake and start yelling about the water in the house and can they skip school.
So law of attraction is in full swing, and you have definitely lost control of the great feeling good day stuff of the night before. Thinking back you would just have soon settled for bad traffic on the way to work, rather falling for some new age bull and tempting the universe with the vanity to think you ever could control anything. Not only is the wet carpet punishment for false pride , but God’s probably mad at you too.
So I give this example because most people create their days by reacting to what ever is happening at the monument. If its great they love it, and if it is bad they really want to talk about it,blame some one else, find on line groups to complain about it with, make it the lead the conversation at the next cocktail party, and basically focus, itemize,and dissect every little thing that is keeping them from the life they deserve. The more they do that , the more of the not working stuff keeps showing up, and who could blame them if they feel that the idea deliberate creation is anything but pure unadulterated bunk.
So what if you could suspend disbelief for say 30 days and said Today, not only do I intend to feel good,but I will only look, speak and give my attention to things that feel good? What if you decided to try this for just thirty days, regardless of what happens in the meantime. If the carpet floods, find a way to make the best of it. Practice a redirect of your mind with small thoughts of encouragement like, well,the rug will dry out, I was home and managed to shut the water off before too much damage occurred and I was going to shampoo the carpet anyway, or we really needed an excuse to put hardwood floors in the living room. maybe we will do it now. I am lucky to have such a nice house to live in.
If someone starts to complain, get off the phone, or change the subject. We are all creating our lives one thought vibration at a time, but it sort of works like an average score. If you can shift more thoughts into the positive corner, than the negative one, fine more things to like and really appreciate that be disgruntled about, praise, more than criticize, love more than hate, it won’t be long before you will have trouble remembering what it was like to have anything but a great day.